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M Shop NYC is a community of fashion industry insiders + vip's, students, entrepreneurs looking to start or grow their fashion businesses, and fashion savvy consumers. Our unique visitors count on our up-to-the-minute fashion industry resources, information, services, and innovative shopping to get them through their day-to-day.

Social media active; fashion & industry professionals and students; wide age range: 21-50 year old; wide income range: 30k-150k+ median; 80% Women, 20% Men; 75% single 25% married; entertainment, education, and self-care spending; attentive to on site promotion and PR marketing messages; fun-seeking and adventurous; fashionable and trend setting; reads fashion and lifestyle magazines & blogs, and industry publications; listens to current music; goes to art galleries, restaurants and special events – influentials.

M Shop NYC averages 50,000 unique visitors per month

Advertising Opportunities:
Online Display Advertising, Email Advertising, and Event Sponsorship

Online Advertising:
Post your company's ad or video in our right side banner with links to your website.
Side Banner Ad - $100/1month, $285/3months, $540/6months, or $1000/1year. 
Side Banner Gif - Double the cost of side banner ad. 
Side Banner Video -  Triple the cost of side banner ad. 

Email Advertising:
We offer Dedicated Promotional Email Blasts for people to know about your company, event, product, yourself, etc. Our emails go to our network of over 30,000 fashion industry professionals and aficionados. Visit here for pricing and details on ordering.

Event Sponsorship:
We will endorse your brand to our community at Events we promote and produce. Sampling, brand ambassadors, and gift bag opportunities. Visit here for pricing and details on ordering.

M Shop NYC is committed to helping you with your company's promotion by getting you the exposure you need. You can provide us with copy/promotional materials or we can create them for you.

Contact: ads@mshopnyc.com for more details on advertising opportunities.