Start Your Fashion Company®

Manufacturing and Production

We're Manufacturing Specialists, providing full scale Manufacturing & Production Consulting & Services to help Source & Secure ALL necessary resources to mass produce your line on a large or small scale. Our expertise spans Made in the USA or any country in the world. We also make patterns!
Bespoke services for your specific needs. Packages include, but not limited to:
1. Global Sourcing for Factories, Textiles, Trims, Pattern Makers, Sample Makers, Seamstresses, Cutting Rooms, Markeing + Grading, Embroidery, Sub-Contractors, Wet Processing (garment washing/finishing facilities for denim) etc.
2. Costing and Price Negotiation
3. Product Development
4. Establishing Size Standard (specs/grade rules/fit)
5. Global Factory Management
6. Creating T & A Calendars ensuring timely deliveries
7. Contracts, confidentiality/non-disclosure agreements
8. Cutting Ticket Development 
9. Quality Assurance Assistance
10. Customs Brokering/Freight Forwarding/Agents

11. Interpreting factory pricing structure, duties, quotas, tariffs, Trade Agreements, import/export regulations, etc
We can even oversee your entire manufacturing/production process! Our services include time lines and actual to do lists. And whether you're a novice or a seasoned fashion industry veteran, you can count on our expertise to provide you with WHATEVER help you require to successfully manufacture your product.
Email us for a quote on Consulting Packages.