Thank you so much for your course. I left feeling so inspired and confident—all because of you and your incredible course content. I look forward to attending another workshop in the future, and also contacting you for consulting services, when I get stuck. I am grateful to have found you — what a resource!

After taking your seminar a couple of years ago, we were able to launch, get a website, products, and our logo/company name is a registered trademark!! Your information continues to deliver value!!

Thanks for the wonderful session at Soho House. I was the first guy in the naming order, that said he wanted to learn. I appreciate the many resources you shared with us. I hope you enjoy Swim Week. Thanks again for sharing your knowledge I look forward to hearing you again at soho.

I attended the workshops in Atlanta. I just wanted to tell you that BOTH of the workshops were so informative. Honestly, I sort of expected you to have a bit of a cocky attitude (since you have so much experience), but you were so down-to-earth. You were not intimidating and made it easy for the class to ask questions if we had any. You are truly an inspiration and role model to me.

Thanks for the great M SHOP workshop this past weekend in San Francisco. The information was direct and extremely helpful. I already re-designed my logo and my line sheets since your workshop, so thank you for all the inspiration and motivation. You gals rock!

I loved your talks. Since attending the M SHOP Workshops, my sister and I are starting our handbag business. I feel more sure of things after all the great information you presented. I am really inspired to get my designs out there!

I ordered the M SHOP DVD on how to start your Fashion Boutique and E-commerce Website. I watched the DVD and enjoyed it and found it very helpful. Thank you so much for providing me with such insight through your DVD workshop!