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Here's what people have said:

1.Hey Michelle!
Just wanted to thank you so much for the course yesterday. It was incredibly motivating to be taught SO much information from someone so passionate about the industry. Couldn't think of a better person to run that course. I hope we can keep in touch!! I'll definitely keep you posted on my end and the evolution of my brand;)

2. Thanks for the wonderful session at Soho House. I was the first guy in the naming order, that said he wanted to learn. I appreciate the many resources you shared with us. I hope you enjoy swim week....Thanks again for sharing your knowledge I look forward to hearing you again at soho.

3. I have been considering starting a brand and it was very helpful to hear you while I'm in the process of business planning.  I hired Michelle Alleyne of M Shop NYC as a consultant to help me launch my fashion accessory, Coiffie. I have nothing but praise for Michelle's abilities. She expertly organized every detail of a photoshoot (with fantastic results), created press releases and e-blasts that got noticed and provided invaluable advice on marketing my product. She accomplished everything quickly and professionally and I was extremely pleased with every aspect of her work. I would unequivocally recommend Michelle Alleyne and M Shop NYC to emerging fashion designers as well as seasoned professionals.

4. I ordered your DVD on how to start your Fashion Boutique and E-commerce Website. I watched the DVD and enjoyed it and found it very helpful. Thank you so much for providing me with such insight through your DVD workshop!

5. Hi Michelle
I hope all is well! I took your Fashion Stylist workshop in NYC and received some of the best fashion advice ever from you. Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that my career is NOW moving in the right direction. I really appreciate your services and will definitely take another workshop soon! I hope this year is full of Major-ness....thanks for everything.

6. Good evening Michelle,
I wanted to thank you so much for your wonderful, insightful, and inspiring classes. You have such incredible knowledge. I am really excited now to help my daughter get her line off the ground now that you have given me tools to get there. I promise to stay in touch with you and hopefully we will have something together by the end of the month.
Thank you again Michelle.

7. Hi Michele
I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for giving such an awesome workshop in atlanta--that was the absolute, hands down BEST workshop/inspiraton/information i have ever been to. .. i will keep in touch and i know who to come to for writing a kickass press release. congrats on your successes so far and thanks so much for sharing everything with us... its great to see & hear all that from 'been there done that' people like yall. anyway, again -- that is the most valuable /educational experience ever. THANK YALL !!!

8. Hi!
I attended the workshops in Atlanta. I just wanted to tell you that BOTH of the workshops were so informative. Honestly, I sort of expected you to have a bit of a cocky attitude, since you have so much experience, but you were so down-to-earth. You were not intimidating and made it easy for the class to ask questions if we had any. You are truly an inspiration and role model to me.

Thanks again for coming to Atlanta to share your knowledge. I now feel that I have the confidence to make my clothing line a success.
I will keep in touch!

9. Dear Michelle,
Thanks for the great workshop this past weekend in SF, the information was direct and extremely helpful. I already re-designed my logo and my line sheets since your workshop so thanks for all the inspiration and motivation, you gals rock. Cheers.

10. Hi Michelle!
Just a note to say that I loved your talks. I was in both sessions. My sister and I are starting our handbag business and I feel more sure of things after all the great information you presented. I am really inspired to get my designs out there!

11. Just wanted to drop a line to say a huge "Thank You". You guys are doing something very special with your success and we really appreciate you reaching back to make the road a little easier for those of us who want to follow our own dreams. You are truly inspiring and We are so glad to have met you, not just for business reasons--we learned lessons that apply to all our relationships. It's a chaotic and simple road, and we're gonna forge ahead. You Have our Best Wishes on your Continued Success!

12. Michelle,
Thank you very much for the informative meeting. It was a pleasure meeting with you. It was great to see that I've been heading in the right direction all along, I've just made a couple wrong turns. I'm very excited to implement the new things I learned. I've already been in touch with a couple other attendees, and they agreed that it was great. Congratulations to you, and good luck in the future.

13. Hey!
Just wanted to say thanks again for the fabulous workshop that you guys gave in Atlanta. I learned more in these two nights than I ever imagined I would. It was very inspirational and has given me the motivation I needed to proceed with my designs. Thanks so much, Hope to see you both again!

14. Dear Michelle,
I would like to say thank you. I attended your very first "How to start to your own fashion business" in NYC and as the result I have found a partner and will be featured in the July issue of Essence Magazine. Thanks!

15. "How to Start a Fashion Company" was the catalyst in developing my ideas for a lingerie company. Peace & Love Speak to you soon!

16. I was at the new york workshop this past weekend (the out-on-injury-dancer-turned-sewer). thank you for the informative and inspiring afternoon. please do keep me in touch on further events or workshops you offer. and i'll let you know what happens with me.    

17. Just wanted to let u know that you are doing amazing things. Keep it up!

18. Thank you for a truly enlightening and inspirational learning experience! Your workshops were the perfect supplement to my current academic coursework on both topics.

19. I had a great time at the workshop. Thanks a lot. It was VERY informative.

20. Hi Michelle-
Thanks so much for the great workshop. I learned a lot and I am hoping to put some of that knowledge to use this weekend when I go to Barnes and Noble to look at all the baby/parenting magazines. Thanks again. It was great meeting you.

21. Hello-
I attended your fashion workshop in Atlanta. It was wonderful and I am glad that you guys are willing to help upstarts in this industry! Definitely plan on taking the PR course as well.

22. Thank you! Look forward to seeing both of you at your class in Atlanta! Really enjoyed and learned so much from you last time. Appreciate that you are willing to share what you know and to help other people get started in a dream business.

23. Hello there! Thanks for such an info filled workshop. I really enjoyed it.

24. I went to your seminar. I wanted to thank you for all your information.

25. Hi,
I was at your Atlanta workshop. I just want to say thank you. You had such great information! You were both right to say that we would likely think of other questions afterwards. Thanks so much, and best of luck in all your future endeavors!

26. Dear Michelle,
Hello ladies! Just wanted to drop you a note saying how much I enjoyed your Atlanta class . It was a real eye opener, with tons of info. I hope to be able to attend your other class the next time you are in town (so please add me to your mailing list!) Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you! You two are an inspiration.

27. Michelle,
Thank you so much for the fantastic seminar. I can't wait for the next PR seminar in NYC. Our heads were swimming with all of the information you shared, and we left feeling extremely excited about the future of our business. As we get closer to our launch, I'm sure we'll want to draw on your expertise and do some one-on-one consulting. We're working to complete our business plan, so we'll probably be in touch after that. Again, thanks so much for the information and the inspiration!!

28. Hey Michelle,
I just wanted to thank you again for the workshops - they were great, very informative.

29. I attended your PR workshop. I wanted to let you know that I found the workshop extremely informative and completely applicable to my current position. It’s great to here from someone who actually learned things the hard way (or rather the right way), it’s a testament to the fact that ambition and determination can go a lot further than a huge financial backing, and I think it means a hell of a lot more ultimately. Please keep me posted on future PR/marketing workshops!

30. I really enjoyed the workshop. Thank you so much for everything...I learned a lot!!

31. Dear Michelle,
I just wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful information at the workshops. Again, thanks for your help & it was great to meet you guys!

32. Hey Michelle,
thanks again! I attended your last seminar and walked away w/ some really great advice. My partner Keeno and I are trying to build and grow our label We Saved Our Souls, so it came in especially handy for us.

33. Hi Michelle,
Thanks for a great PR workshop. I really think I learned lots and will get going on it. Sorry if I appeared to be in a hurry (red brief case) but my friend needed to get home. I'll call you in a couple of days - would love to talk to you about PR.

34. Thank you for a very informative seminar, we learned a lot and appreciate your insight. Thanks.

35. Hello Michelle,
I recently attended you Starting Fashion business seminar and I first would like to say thank you for all the information that was provided that even as a student at FIT was never privy to.

36. Michelle,
I wanted to thank you and commend you on the workshop. It was filled with a wealth of information and to the point which is what people need. I've learned in the fashion industry, so many people close their doors in fear instead of trying give back and build relationships. You two are great for helping young and aspiring designers. I hope I can contact you two in the future if I have any questions or even help you concerning the web. Once again thank you and give me a few years and I'll become one of your biggest clients!:)

37. Hi Michelle,
This is Skye, I just want to say THANKS SO MUCH for the information you suggested for me, it has been a GREAT HELP, I feel as though I'm a step further of a long long LONG lOnG awaited dream, and at this point in my life this is something that I really need to be experiencing, your e-mail information has given me a lot of hope. Right now I'm on all faith and preparing myself to follow each and every step I need to have a successful fashion empire. Thanks again, you have been a great inspiration to me and I just love you guys clothing line and what you have to offer. GREAT SUCCESS!

38. Thank you for the great workshop!
I plan to go for the PR workshop too. Keep up the good work!

39. Hi Michelle
I attended your Los Angeles workshop and I can not thank you enough for the information you guys imparted to us! It answered so many of my questions about how to start my own fashion company! It also made it so doable for me-the way you broke everything down step by step. Just starting out, the thoughts can be a bit overwhelming on where to start, but you made it very simple for me to understand what to do next! Thank you so much for that!

40. Hi Michelle,
I wanted to once again express my appreciation to the both of you, for having the workshops in Miami. They were very informative and fun. I am so happy that you two are giving back and assisting other men and women (smile) in their journey of entrepreneurship in fashion. I sure did need it. It was well worth my money and time. Much Continued Success.

41. hi michelle,
just wanted to thank you again for taking time last wednesday to speak with me and to follow up with the line sheet etc. you were terrific, and incredibly helpful. again many thanks. hopefully, our paths will cross again. will keep you posted.

42. Hi, Attended your "How to start your own F/C" workshop and I just wanted to thank you. I had to run out before it ended so I wasn't able to speak to you afterwards. It was so informative and helpful. You answered most of my questions. Being new to " the industry" and New York was a little overwhelming for me, but after attending your workshop I feel so at ease and excited about my line. Thanks again!

43. Hey Michelle,
I just wanted to tell you guys again that you did a wonderful job with the seminars. I feel really grateful because you guys came to us and that from a student's standpoint is cheaper than going to New York. I have been spreading the word and talking about this with everyone and they all wish that they would have known about this. Please let me know about the next time that you come to teach in Atlanta and I will make it my business to get the word out because there are a lot of people who are interested but just did not know about this. You two are truly people whom I look up to- doing it all....Consulting (helping others), Fashion Line, PR, and Producing Fashion Shows. I really didn't think that all of this was possible in one lifetime, but now I know it is. I'll get to do that internship with a few minor adjustments. I'll have to sacrifice if that's what I want to do. Again, thank you and you guys will hear from me again... Hopefully, the next time will be when I'm on my way to the NYC for that internship. Thanks- A -Million.

44. Hi!
You've been such a great resource for helping my partner and I get things rolling. I enjoyed your workshops tremendously and the last info you gave me regarding samples was excellent. Hope you did or will have a great time while you're here. Take care and thanks again!

45. Hi Michelle,
I was in your workshop, i found it very interesting and helpful.

46. I just want to say your class was very helpful...it was also re affirming to know some of my assumptions were correct...it also gave me a lot of interesting ideas, and pretty much a path to walk.....thanks.....

47. I took both your workshops in NYC! Were Great! :)

48. Michelle,
I have been very busy since retuning from NY, but wanted to take time to thank you. I learned so much and I am trying to put into practice some of what I learned. It is my plan to have my full figure fashion line developed over the next year. (One step at a time)

49. Hi Michelle,
I attended both workshops in NY and wanted to drop you a note to say, "Thanks". You did an amazing job, crammed both sessions with information and did it in a fun, effervescent fashion. I walked out absolutely pumped to get back to my friends and say, "Come on, let's get off our butts and get something going." A couple of questions for you... Irene Kimball

50. It was nice talking to you during the phone workshop. It was a nice, relaxed and comfortable session and you are a very good speaker. Starting one's business does
need a lot attention to details and taking some courses and talking to someone like you gives me a good perspective of things that needs to be done.

51. Hello girls...Thank you for the excellent info you supplied at the workshop. i personally appreciate your time and step by step instructions on how to get something done.

52. Dear Michelle
Hello, how are you? It was nice to meet you at Los Angeles workshop last Saturday You gave me a lot of ideas! and I was so happy to join that workshop I think I'm ready to move on!

53. Hi. Thanks! Your seminar was great!!!

54. Hi- I attended the L.A. workshops and I thought they were great! I would have also paid more for the info I was receiving. Thanks.

55. Thank you so much for a great afternoon seminar. My sister/assistant and I had a nice time and enjoyed going over our notes together. We are here in LA working in PR but mostly re-branding programs on a marketing and licensing level. I am looking for help in our PR department to assist us in our program and there are more clients I want to take on. I would love to keep in touch. And again, all the best and thanks for a great afternoon and helpful seminar.

56. Hi Ladies,
I just wanted to say a big thank you for putting on such an informative workshop. You really gave me a lot of info and a boost to start my own company.

57. Hello Michelle,
I was a participant in your Fashion Business workshop here in New York. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it. I found it very informative and you both gave me hope for my future endeavors. Thank You.

58. Michelle:
Thanks so much for your workshop, I really enjoyed it and found it very useful. I'll be signing up for the PR Workshop (once I get the samples made!).

59. Hello MICHELLE!!!
I attended your workshop in New York last weekend, But, let me first share something with the both of you. I have known and felt my passion for a while, but was clueless on how to pursue. Your workshop has been a TREMENDOUS and i mean TREMENDOUS mark for me. I'm deeply touched that individuals as the both of you exist, and with the willingness to share your knowledge (very rare). Because of you i now have a better direction and confidence to conquer my purpose. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

60. it was great to meet you Michelle! Loved the workshop....very imformative!

61. Ladiiiiiies!!
Just wanted to say thx for an excellent, informative PR workshop. Was great seeing u again, and as always THX!!

62. Good Morning
I want to be the first to say thank you for that beautiful presentation on "how to start your fashion company" and I will be in the PR session.

63. Michelle,
Thank you for the great workshop on Saturday, you gave us great information!


65. Hi,
My name is Sara and I was in your New York PR class. It was a great class. Thank you so much!

66. Hello Michelle,
First off I want to say thank you for being two awesome, brilliant, fashion designing businesswoman. I have so much respect for you and wish you all the luck with the future. I had a great time at the workshop and I came home inspired and motivated to take my dreams to the next level. Thank you.

67. hey michelle!
thanx soOooo much for the workshops - they were GREAT! we learned sooo much and could apply everything you shared with us to our situation at the moment...you guys are very cool! thank you for sharing your knowledge with us! we'll definitely keep you posted on how things are progressing =) very inspiring.

68. Hello,
My name is Ellen. I attended your workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. I learned a lot about starting a fashion line and a lot of my questions were answered. Since attending your workshop, I feel a lot more encouraged to carry out my plans.

69. Hi,
I wanted to say thank you so much for the extremely informative and inspirational workshops yesterday. You guys rock!

70. Michelle,
It was a pleasure to meet you and today. I am so proud and happy for your businesses. And I know that you will continue to grow and prosper due to your willingness to give, be honest, and be real. Thank you'll for your time, hard work, and dedication. I truly appreciate the knowledge and information that you’ve shared. I now know that anything is possible with patience and perseverance. I also learned that having more than one focus or company is possible, I initially thought I was crazy .

71. Hi Michelle,
I really enjoyed your workshops this weekend. Great info!

72. Hope all is well. Great workshops...learned a lot!

73. Hi Michelle
I've wanted to send an email out to you since I attended the "start your own boutique...". I am so glad I signed up, the comprehensive and detailed information you provided was well worth both my time and money.

74. I just want to say, both of you are amazing, now I am ready to start my own fashion business. Both of you’re very encourage me a lot, before I am very afraid of industry special factory and to start my own fashion business, it does take a lot of risk even know I ‘m just finish school at FIDM and I have very little tiny experiences, I mean: I had work with some stylish and L.A. Fashion week, that‘s about it. Now I am ready to take bigger step and come out of my shell. All it is, I’ just want to say thank you for what u had done to created a work shop for people. Most people in the industry are not welling to share much of what they know. Both of you are inspirers for me to created many of good things and share the love for fashion industry. And I wish I could take more classes with both of you, however it always next time.
Thank you very much

75. Hello, Michelle.
Thank you very much for your workshops and sharing your knowledge with us. It's important for me to see people who are fully dedicated to the industry and keep going to grow professionally in different aspects of it. I'm definitely inspired and will start to grow slowly, as you said. I'm looking to hear from you soon.

76. Hi Michelle,
Thanks again for the informative workshops. I am still trying to process all the information you gave, but I really appreciate all the great tips and advice. Thanks again for the great workshops!

77. Hi,
This is Jackie, I was at your "How to Produce a Fashion Show" Seminar. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you again how great I thought it was.

78. Hi Michelle,
I really enjoyed the fashion workshops in NYC! I brought a lot of information back with me and I'm ready to put it into motion.

79. Hello,
I recently ordered your booklet and enjoyed it very much.

80. Hello:
I bought your manufacturing booklet on your web site and I absolutely love it!

81. Hello,
I attended your NYC PR workshop- truly it and your energy was inspirational. I continue to spread the word on what a worthwhile two hours your course is.

82. Hi Michelle,
I wanted to thank you both for the wonderful workshop, How to Produce a Fashion Show. I wished I had more questions but being that I'm not quite in the industry yet, it was hard to find questions to a venue I wasn't too familiar with. However, I did soak in every ince of information you provided and it has given me a great platform to start my new career. I know I'll have questions in the future and I hope that I can email you at that time. Again, thank you so much for such great information and I hope one day to
have the opportunity to work with you both professionally.

83. Good Day Miss Alleyne!
Thanks again for your time and shared knowledge! I left feeling refreshed and motivated. I will advise anyone who has the interest in studying fashion to considered taking the business course through your workshops. In this age of information you are really helping people with the choice of how soon and how much they want to spend to know the important aspects of Fashion Business! As we all are! You are a Gift! I think your Beautiful too! If i can say so! Take Good Care Miss M! Hope to see u and work with you in the near future! Let me add that you are an inspiration as well.

84. Hi Michelle,
I just want to say "Thanks" for having these seminars. (I was at the How to be a fashion stylist) The information that you provided gave me that push I needed to get to the next step. Again thank you.

85. Thanks again, Michelle! Learned a ton and it was very cool to meet you.

86. Hi Michelle,
I took your seminars "How to Produce a Fashion Show" & "How to become a Stylist" I learned so much that day and I appreciate all your help, you guys are the best!

87. Hi Michelle,
I wanted to thank you for all the info you gave us at the Fashion Show workshop. You covered all the questions I came in with and then some! Thanks again!

88. HI;
Michelle I would like to say..thanks for a great and very informative class.

89. Hello Michelle,
We took your classes which were very informative and clear. Thank you for developing and offering this class to us.

90.Hi- Michelle
I want to thank you for a great workshop, I learned a lot of stuff that I didn't expect, and thought I knew already. Thank you so much and I do hope to take your e-commerce, online boutique class in the future. Best wishes to you and your business and I hope to see you soon in another one of your workshops.

92.Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for your help, your workshop did wonders in pushing me in the right direction. Thanks again!!

93. Hi Michelle,
It was so nice to finally meet you and I loved your seminar. It was really informative and motivated me! It was also so great to get all of those resources. Thank you again!

94. Hi Michelle:
I attended your workshop (How to open your own boutique) and I wanted to say Thank You and that I thought the workshop was fabulous (I was the one from Providence). =) I thought it provided a lot of helpful insight and insider info that we wouldn’t normally know about, therefore saving us time (and money!) I also feel the topics were right on, especially the business/financing part. Next time I’m planning a trip to the city I may register for the PR/Publicity workshop!
Thank you, again.

95. Hi Michelle, Really learned a lot in your above LA class and hope you had time to do a little sightseeing. Many thanks

96. Hi, my name is Carlos and my sister Rosy and I took your how to start my own boutique seminar in NYC, I also took the how to become a fashion stylist seminar with you. I'm just emailing you to let you know that we are opening our clothing boutique and we should be open by the end of October. We had explained to you that we're opening right next to the new football stadium at a new shopping center that has been developed there, we are having Superbowl here in AZ next year. So this is the perfect time for us to open. We have been working hard ever since we took your seminar to get everything started, and everything seems to be going well. We are also launching our online store, hopefully around the same time as the retail location.

97. Thank you so much,
I'm very excited, our boutique will look awesome. I have the runway being built in it. Hopefully you can make it down to my grand opening, it should be in mid November, I'll keep you posted, if not, I'll send you pictures of my finished product. It's been a great experience and I hope I become very successful. Keep in touch with us.

98.Hi Michelle,
My wife and I attended your manufacturing seminar. I can't thank you enough for all the useful information. My wife mentioned that we were interested in manufacturing flip-flops and I wanted to take you up on asking for your "shoe person's" information. Again, thanks for the extraordinary lesson.

99. Michelle,
Thank you for coming to 24seven to speak, I really enjoyed your class on How to Start up your Fashion & Accessories Company. I learned a lot! I will look forward to seeing you again next time when you are in LA. Take Care.

100. Hey Michelle -
Just wanted to thank you for all the great information in L.A. this weekend. I left your workshop feeling equally inspired and daunted! Ha. It was a great reality check, but I'm commited! I will stay in touch, and let you know how things progress out here. All the best, and thank you again!

101. I attended one of your seminars, which was very informative and has now really given me the motivation to get on top of my game.

102. Thanks so much for the seminar... Thanks For The Warm Hospitality And Wealth Of Knowledge...

103. I just wanted to send you a follow up email to let you know that I enjoyed the workshop. You provided a lot of information that I can apply to my career as a stylist. Keep up the good work. Thank you for being understanding and once again thank you for the informative workshop!

104. Hi Michelle,
It was great meeting you in Atlanta & I appreciated all of the info you gave - it will help me a great deal I am sure! Take Care

105. Hello Michelle,
I attended your seminar on starting a fashion business this past fall, which has been invaluable for both me and my business parter. Thank you for your patience in teaching us the "ropes" in the business. Thanks so much for all of your help. Also - if you reinstitute the PR/Marking seminar, please keep us in mind. We would love to attend that or any other seminars that you teach.

106. Hi, Michelle!
Thank you so much for the fabulous information you gave us last Saturday. I have a path to follow now instead of floundering like I was. Thank you for everything!

107. Thanks again for this weekend Michelle!
Learned a ton and it was very cool to meet you and Mandy. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Thanks! Colin from all my children

108. Hey there ladies!
I took your seminar in Los Angeles a few years back and absolutely loved the information and all that you both put into it. I have been involved in the fashion industry here in LA for the last few years thru FGI-LA and GenArt. Thanks for being such a wonderful fashion resource to the industry and Congratulations on the growth of your company.

109. Michelle,
Thank you! I'm still crankin' and promoting and now I'm in 15 stores and mail order catalogues across the country so Shout Out! is growing. Macy's is very interested as well so hopefully that works out too.Wish you all my best and talk to you soon I hope!

110. I took your class and i just wanted to say thank you. It was very informative and inspiring!

111. Hi Michele,
Just wanted to thank you again for all the information and insight you provided us at your seminar workshops on "How to Start Your Fashion Company-Clothing/Accessories Line" and "How to Manufacture Your Clothing & Accessories Lines". The Outline and Resources List was helpful and will get much use. Again, many thanks. You were an inspiration and wealth of knowledge. Warmest Regards,

112.Hey Michelle
Thanks so much for all the information you gave us. It was vey helpful!!! Again, thanks so much for everything and look forward to speaking with you.

113. Michelle,
A BIG thank you for the great workshops! The information you provided us filled in a lot of blanks and we are more excited than ever! We appreciate your candid approach and down to earth style of delivering the information provided in your handouts. We look forward to seeing you again in the near future.

114. Hi Michelle,
Thanks so much for a great seminar! I learned a lot and you really pointed me in the right direction. I love creating my own jewelry line, but sometimes I just don't know what step to take next, so your advice is much appreciated. Take care and all the best!

115. Hi Michelle,
How are you doing, I attended one of your work shops in LA (how to start fashion business). I really enjoyed the class and learned lot of valuable information. Thank you so much for your time. Best regards,

116. Hey Michelle,
So nice to speak with you, I really appreciate you giving me the workshop over the phone. The knowledge that I gained from this workshop is invaluable information and will take what I have learned and channel it towards my success as a Stylist. I've already booked a few test shoots for next week, keeping in mind that I am portraying an image for someone else without losing my own sense of creative energy.
Thanks again!

117. Hello again, Michelle!
I just wanted to reach out to you and say how much of a pleasure it was meeting you at the M Shop NYC Workshop. I had such a nice time and meeting you made it that much better. I look forward to seeing you at the next function and to possibly working together with you on a future endeavor. Hope to see you next month at the PR workshop. Best Regards,

118. Hello Michelle,
I wanted to thank you and let you know how much I enjoyed the workshops this weekend (how to start your fashion company clothing and accessories and how to become a fashion stylist). I feel the information I learned will help me immensely with my business. I look forward to taking another workshop in the future. Also if you should ever need any assistance for anything that you do with fashion shows, styling, event management please just let me know, I would love the opportunity to assist.
Thank you again.
All The Best,

119. Dear Michelle,
Just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed the workshop. My colleauges thought I went to learn about styling, so I shared some tips you pointed out. I already have contacted an advertising friend of mine, regarding a website, postcards, business cards, and got my free 100 clients off of infousa.com. You inspired me along with the book Law of Attraction by Michael J. Losier and attending seminars on his concept of positive vibrations sent out to the world bring back what you want. A very interesting, short read for any future clients that need an uplifting boost of confidence. Again, many, many thanks, you are great at what you do, and I will let you know how this works out!
Very sincerely yous,

120. Hi Michelle,
I want to thank you for the time and information you provided us at your workshop. I came back energized and ready to get moving on my business plan. The information you provided us will be invaluable as I move forward. Thank you for sharing so much with us. It was truly worth the flight to Atlanta.
Thank you!

121. Hey Michelle,
I recently attended your "how to manufacture clothing and accessories" seminar in LA. Thanks for all your help, I really enjoyed the class and am glad I attended. The info was invaluable.
Thanks again,

122.Hey Michelle,
I attended your workshops and just wanted say thanks again, because they were fantastic! Your energy and experiences are just really inspiring. You put an incredible amount of really great information on the table and I have a MUCH better grasp on how to actually go about turning an abstract "i want my own clothing line" fantasy into concrete reality.
Best and be well!

123. Hi Michelle,
I attended your workshop "Starting Your Own Clothing Line". I just wanted to take the time to say Thank You Very muchhh, it was very informative & definitely what i was looking for to start. I felt extremely lost before this, but now i can start planning what steps to take to get this going. I was the one who wants to do the "T-SHIRT LINE". The info u gave me on starting that was priceless. Thanks Again Michelle, I was very excited after your workshop, & feel like this can really happen, Thanx!!!

124. Nice! I really enjoyed the Atlanta Workshop.

125. Once again the PR seminar was great and extremely helpful. Thanks

126. Thank you again for such wonderful and very useful information on our new beginning. I will definitely stay in touch and I hope you have a great rest of the week.

127. I attended your workshop in Los Angeles. Thank You so much for all of your information. It was very helpful. If you know of any events in Los Angeles that I can get invited to let me know. Im going to keep you in my contacts and stay in touch.

128. I just wanted to say that I found your Atlanta workshop very informative. Thank you for taking the time to come share your wisdom.

129. I've been in contact with several people and departments; asked a ton of questions because I am an emerging designer. I have nothing but praise for everyone who works at and for mshopnyc. I have always gotten the very best service and answers from this organization. What would the fashion industry do without it?

130. Hope your continuing to pass along your hugely charismatic style skills to the crowd. You were a great teacher, and I only knew you for an hour. go figure!

131. Thanks for the personal service, it really makes your company a stand out. Warm regards.

132. Hi Michelle!
Thank you for having that workshop. i gained a lot of info & confidence to actually start a small biz instead of just thinking about it. again, thank you, thank you!

133. I just wanted to say thank you! The workshop was everything we needed to start this business seriously :)  It was great meeting you, and I will definitely will keep in touch, after organizing all the paper work, cost sheets etc... We look forward to working with M Shop to keep developing our business.

134. It was such a pleasure meeting you at the PR Workshop in NYC. The workshop provided me with great insight on how to execute my brand presence. My biggest takeaway was the importance of an effective Press Release.

135.. Hello,
I just wanted to Thank you for your Great workshop. It was very knowledgeable information to me & my friend Thajura. The workshop offered very valuable information to us & I know that we will succeed one day. I hope that you don't mind me emailing you sometimes to ask questions, latest trends, etc. just a good contact person to keep in touch with. I do travel to New York at least once or twice a year & I will make sure to look you up this summer when I come up. Thanks again for the workshop.